James Nee

Building an Electric Community
My passion for electric vehicles runs deep. During my first year of college I co-founded a team named Research of Electric Vehicles at Olin (REVO), to gather like-minded individuals together to learn more about this emerging technology, and to inspire those unfamiliar with the concept. Throughout my time at Olin, REVO was a constant commitment, and through it I learned much, not just about electric vehicles and the unique challenges surrounding them, but also about leadership, finances, and team-building. As my time at Olin progressed, so did the scale of projects that we took on. Our first project was to reassemble an electric bicycle, and add a custom build LiFePO4 battery pack for increased range. From Fall 2012 to Fall 2014, we built an electric go-kart, using a Zero Motrocycles powertrain. Then in the spring of 2014, I took up the role of project manager again, and I chose to lead the team to build an electric reverse trike from the ground up - suspension, frame, motor controller, communications, everything. The goal was to create a project that was affordable but also would expose newer members to a breadth of experiences, and could help establish a strong base for our future Formula SAE ambitions. In my final year, I worked on marketing and fundraising for the team, helping to develop our brand and build up funds for the coming years.